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Golden Crown Agricultural Foundation is a broad-based Non-governmental Organization (NGO) and support Centre for Youth and Women in Agricultural Development in Nigeria.

With a deep passion to showcase Africa’s Agriculture to the world adding values and innovations by teaching, culturing and empowering the youths from babies in the kindergarten till they graduate from the Golden Crown Agricultural University, Imeko (proposed), making them millionaires through our Agricultural Cottage Industry empowerment Project.
The vision was revealed to the Visionare, Mr. Oladele Awoleri in 2002 through the tutorlage of his mentor, Bro. Biodun Fijabi who inspired a group of young men and women to use welfarism as a tool of the Gospel.
The Agricultural sector would need a Radicalized and Revolutionized Change from the tattered-clothe old man farmer syndrome to the tractoralized-business innovative agricultural practice. Most of the youths nowadays do not like Agriculture, but Golden Crown Agricultural Foundation has come to catch-them-young for Agriculture using the different types of tools to get at the youth from their cradles.
We hope to have collaborative efforts with farmers in all the agricultural sectors including All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), the federal and state Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, building a close Agricultural Business Relationship towards showcasing Nigeria’s abundant agricultural potentials, resources and products, consolidating past achievements.
We intend to identify the challenges facing the Agricultural sector and charting the way forward for the development of agriculture in Nigeria and in Africa at large.
In 2019, the Foundation as an NGO organized the first annual AgriBusiness Excellence Recognition Awards where Great Successful Agricultural Men and Women cutting across all works of Agricultural lives were honored with the title: FOOD SURVIVAL AMBASSADOR.
One of our vision is to provide policy and technical support as well as consultancy and capacity development services to the parents of the youths of our institutions in collaboration with relevant public and private sector stakeholders and development partners, and also reaching out to the rural farmers in the village, who are the true farmers, but neglected for whatever reason best known to the Government.
Established In the
Year 2015, Golden Crown Agricultural Foundation loves to listen to the youths, and we are eagerly waiting to talk to them regarding projects that will change their status and make them Millionaires, so as to remove them from the streets, reducing poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and in Africa at large.
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